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What You Should Know About Trigger Pump Sprayers?

Update:04 Aug
  In recent years, the global market's demand for spray heads and spray bottles has risen sharply. In particular, safe and effective cleaning products such as trigger sprayers and sprayers are needed.
  In recent years, trigger pump sprayers have also begun to be used more frequently for packaging cosmetics and cleaning products (such as personal and industrial-grade disinfectants). The trigger sprayer is a very convenient liquid sprayer because it can simply squeeze out the liquid and automatically seal when the trigger is released. This allows the user to control the exact amount of spray he wants to provide.
  Trigger sprayers are usually designed to provide a specific dose with each squeeze. The trigger sprayer is made of a simple plastic squeeze pump handle that can be fixed to the top of most brands of plastic bottles. Due to the way they are designed, they can deliver liquid products evenly to a surface, which is usually more effective-especially for cleaning products.
  Why should I use a trigger sprayer?
  There are many reasons why you should use a trigger sprayer. Some products are best delivered from the trigger sprayer. Here are some very simple reasons why you should use a trigger sprayer.
  The trigger sprayer is easy to use.
  Includes child safety features
  We provide some tips on how to ensure your products are safe for children.
  They are not expensive
  They are reusable
  They can be recycled easily
  We have created a uniquely designed trigger sprayer, which is very comfortable to use
  You can choose the color that matches your brand design.
  They are a very effective way of conveying liquid products.
  How does the trigger sprayer work?
  The trigger sprayer pump has a simple design and is used in conjunction with multiple components to ensure that the pumping action delivers the liquid in the bottle as a spray. To do this, you only need to pull the trigger lever with your fingers to start a small pump. The pump is connected to a plastic dip tube that draws cleaning fluid from the bottom of the reservoir inside the bottle. The pump forces this liquid down into a narrow barrel and exits through a small hole in the trigger valve of the sprayer.
  Inside the shield, there is a small spring that compresses the fluid once it is pulled back by the trigger. The moving piston compresses the spring, so when you release the trigger, the piston is pushed back from the washer. These two strokes of the piston move the cylinder out again and complete the entire pump cycle. The resulting extraction movement causes the cylinder to contract and forces the fluid to be discharged as a one-way system.
  When you release the trigger, the action allows the process to be repeated without any delivery issues. Depending on the pump type and delivery solution, slightly different designs are used.
  Where are trigger spray pumps used?
  Trigger spray pumps are widely used in liquid product packaging. It is mainly used for packaging of cleaning products. This includes disinfectant, soap, and cleaning foam.
  Trigger spray pumps can also be used in hair care products, such as gels and sprays, or in powerful cleaners, such as detergents or alloy wheel cleaners. The medical industry will also trigger pump sprays for pain relief products. You may find that in most industries, some type of solution uses trigger spray.