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Spray Bottle Pen Manufacturers Introduce How To Use A Push-on Spray Bottle

Update:07 Mar

Spray bottle pen manufacturers introduce how to use a push-on spray bottle:

1. Choose a suitable spray. When choosing a moisturizing spray, you should choose a spray that has moisturizing, calming, and soothing effects on the skin, and try to choose products with simple ingredients. Moisturizing spray can be divided into mineral water spray and hot spring water spray. In addition to moisturizing, hot spring water spray also has the effects of soothing the skin, preventing irritation, preventing skin allergies, and enhancing skin immunity, while mineral water contains natural expanding substances and ingredients. Pure, only the general moisturizing effect.

2. The spray cannot be directly sprayed on the face. When some people use the spray, in order to make the spray and the skin better absorbed, the nozzle is very close to their face. In fact, not all sprays can be sprayed directly on the face, only the nozzle sprays out. It is a mist-like liquid, which is delicate and uniform, so it can be directly sprayed on the face; if the nozzle sprays large water droplets, it must be sprayed on the hands first, and then used to coat the face.

3. Do not use the spray frequently. When using a moisturizing spray, you do not need to use it frequently. Try to use it when the skin is relatively dry or in a relatively clean environment. It is used to spray directly into the air to increase the air humidity. It can also achieve the purpose of moisturizing.