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What are the Differences Between Lotion Pump Clip lock, Screw, and Switch Pump Dispensers?

Update:21 Apr
  Lotion pump dispensers are usually used in various beauty products, hygiene products and cleansers (such as hand sanitizers). Because they are more convenient and easy to use, they have largely replaced traditional bottle caps.
  The dispenser pump is a small plastic accessory that is usually used to dispense viscous liquids in containers. You just need to press the pump and the liquid will flow out.
  There are various types of dispenser pumps and they are widely used as part of the packaging of different personal care and beauty products.
  The three most common types of dispenser pumps are:
  Screw/locking pump distributor
  Switch pump distributor
  Although the dispenser pumps operate in a similar way, there are some subtle changes that affect how each dispenser works. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the three common types of pump dispensers.
  Clip-on pump
  First, let's take a look at the clip-on pump dispenser. The clip-lock dispenser has a removable plastic clip on the neck of the pump. The clip prevents accidental dispensing of the contents of the plastic bottle.
  One of the advantages of this is that once you fix the clip, it is more difficult for children to accidentally spill liquid on themselves. For travelers, this is a great way to prevent lotions, personal care products or detergents in bags or suitcases from splashing on clothes.
  Screw pump/locking pump
  The second most common type of dispensing pump is a screw pump. Also called lock pump or switch pump. There is a screw directly under the head of the screw pump, you can turn left and right to open or close the pump.
  To use the screw pump, you must first unlock the nozzle by turning it counterclockwise. With the dispenser unlocked, you can apply pressure on the nozzle to dispense liquid. To lock the dispenser, simply push the head down and then rotate it clockwise until the screws feel a little resistance when they engage.
  You will often see this kind of pump head on shampoo. Sometimes, an arrow mark is engraved on the lid of the dispenser, telling you which direction you should tighten to lock or unlock the dispenser.
  Switch pump/lock pump
  On-off pumps are a popular dispenser. It is very easy to use. To dispense the liquid in the bottle, simply press down on the nozzle and the nozzle will return to its original position. It is very popular because it is very easy to use and usually has a stylish appearance.
  As the name suggests, the on-off pump is also called a locking pump because it can be locked without being pressed like a screw pump. To lock the pump on and off, simply rotate the nozzle to the left or right-depending on the meaning of the embossed logo. Therefore, "OPEN" and "STOP" signs are usually printed on the cover of the on-off pump.