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Troubleshooting For Common Water Drinking Pump Problems

Update:18 Aug
  Installing a hot water dispenser in the office or at home is a great way to enjoy instant tea, hot chocolate and other hot beverages. Since home appliances have very few parts, if it encounters a problem, you may be able to troubleshoot it without any problems.
  Water temperature problem
  Instant water dispensers should heat up quickly and reach the boiling point. If the hot water is no longer hot enough, it may mean that the water tank is empty (this is similar to how a hot water tank works). Wait 20 minutes and it should correct itself. If this does not solve the problem, the filament in the boiling system may be damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.
  If the water is too hot, it may be due to the accumulation of steam in the water tank. The thermostat may also be turned off. Both require professional help to correct the problem.
  Peculiar smell
  If the water smells strange, it's probably because mold has grown inside the device. Clean the water tank weekly to prevent this from happening.
  The hot water dispenser installed under the counter is usually plugged into a wall socket to power equipment and other kitchen appliances such as washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens and ice machines.
  Always check to make sure that there is a proper power supply, as simple things such as power disconnection can be the cause of the dispenser not working. In addition, check whether the socket is working and whether the fuse has electricity, that is, the power supply may be your problem.
  Overload switch
  Overloading may also cause your device to not work properly. Maybe you have inserted the vent hood, garbage compactor and refrigerator while installing the water heater.
  The best way is to check whether the wall outlet is overloaded, and then click to reset it.
  Too hot water
  If the water from the water dispenser is too hot, you can solve this problem by changing and setting the temperature of the device's thermostat.
  If its pressure is poor, there may be obstacles in the upcoming water. It is recommended that you check whether the valve opens normally.
  Doesn't work
  Check socket and power settings. If everything looks correct, it means that there is an internal problem and need to be repaired.
  If there is a problem with your hot water dispenser, you can order replacement parts or have a certified equipment technician come to your home or office to repair the equipment.