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Remove Perfume spray head From Perfume Bottles

Update:21 Apr
  In the past few decades, perfume has entered beautiful crystal bottles with screw caps or connectable atomizers, and once empty, they can be reused or refilled.
  To this day, high-end perfumes still appear in gorgeous bottles, and many girls (and some boys) hope to reuse them or bottle them as decorations on the dressing table or dressing table. However, those perfume spray head that use a single pump to deliver a standard amount of perfume each time will not fall off so easily!
  Whether you want to keep the bottle after using the contents in the bottle, or you want to transfer a brand new perfume to a can waterer-style perfume bottle, don’t be disappointed-just follow the steps below and you can easily spray it. 
  You will find that the actual nozzle is easy to fall off; this is a top product and requires some expertise and energy.
  You will need:
  Your perfume bottle
  Surface stability
  Pliers-wire pliers
  Knife, like a knife
  What should I do:
  Carefully hold the perfume bottle vertically and pull the nozzle straight up to release it.
  Use scissors or a knife to carefully cut off the plastic packaging on the neck of the bottle.
  There is a piece of metal on the neck of the perfume bottle. Be very careful not to break the bottle, use the tip of scissors or a pocket knife inserted under the metal to gently pry it away from the bottle. Perform this operation around the bottleneck.
  After completely loosening the metal piece from the bottom of the bottleneck, use a wire adjusting pliers or a screw removal pliers to firmly grasp the metal. Gently pull it straight up out of the perfume bottle. If there is still perfume in the bottle, please be careful not to spill it!
  Look! Your bottle is now free to pour the perfume into another bottle or reuse the beautiful perfume bottle in other ways.