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Plastic Lotion Pump Company Introduces The Purchasing Skills Of Water Mist Nozzles

Update:07 Jan

Plastic Lotion Pump Company introduces the purchasing skills of water mist nozzles:


1. The way to understand water

The way the water mist spray nozzle emits water directly affects the entire bathing experience. Compared with the previous traditional, strong beam heads, the newly released five-stage massage heads are more popular. The five stages have multiple modes such as strong, soft, moderate, and mixed.


2. Observe the effect of self-cleaning
In the case of old-style shower heads, most of the water outlet holes are hidden inside, but the shower heads now on sale have the water outlet exposed outside. Therefore, considering the characteristics of the water quality in the north, the water outlet is clean, and it is not easy to generate scale. It is also very convenient when taking a bath, and it is easy to get water.


3. Observe the spray effect
The bald head only looks at the appearance and can't see any clues. The specific spray effect depends on the actual effect to know. Good quality sprinklers can ensure that each small sprinkler hole has even water out, so as to ensure the effect of bathing after drunk, so you can test the water when screening.


4. Look at the water-saving function
When consumers buy shower heads, they will naturally mention water-saving issues. The new shower head uses new technology, which not only saves water but also does not affect the comfort of bathing. Generally speaking, a reasonably designed shower head can save water by 50% compared to an ordinary shower head.