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Introduction of Lotion Pump Locking Mechanism

Update:21 Apr
  The world of lotion pumps contains many options. Many people in the packaging industry ask a lot of questions. We wrote an article in 2020 about everything you need to know about the dispensing pump, but we missed important information about the lotion pump mechanism. At first glance, understanding the difference between locking and locking can be a bit confusing.
  There are 3 lock variants for the lotion dispensing pump. These include:
  Lock up
  Let us understand each locking mechanism in detail.
  Lock up
  Locking lotion pump
  Locking lotion pumps are the most popular dispensers. It looks very ideal and provides a stylish appearance. The consumer must press the pump to dispense the liquid inside. After applying pressure to the pump, the pump head will be pushed back to its original position. Among all available pumps, it is simple and easy to use. The locking function can also be locked by rotating the nozzle.
  Locking lotion pump
  The locking type lotion pump is located on the upper part of the main base. In order to use this pump, the water outlet of the pump must first be unlocked. The pump is available and dispenses the required liquid. If necessary, the locking pump can be pushed down and locked again.
  Both locking and locking have the following advantages:
  The contents can remain fresh for a longer time after being opened, and then locked
  The contents are locked to prevent spills, making it ideal for travel
  Child friendly
  Locking lotion pump can dispense larger doses as needed
  Locking pump has a very unique design
  The lock is the most popular design in the packaging industry.
  Clip lock
  Clip lock lotion pump
  Clip-on lock pumps have a variety of locking, twisting and locking styles. The clip lock lotion pump is equipped with a plastic clip, which is fixed to the neck of the pump. This can be used to detect any tampering with the product (anti-tampering) and can also be used as a child safety device.
  All the lotion pumps mentioned can be used for a variety of liquid products. These include soaps, hand creams, antibacterial foams, body lotions or shower gels and hair care products.
  Still need help with the available lotion pump options? Why not call one of our account managers today. They are happy to discuss any information in detail for you.