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Plastic Lotion Pumps: All You Need To Know

Update:21 Apr

  Plastic Lotion Pump really excites me. So let's take a look at the pump!

  Make pumps to dispense viscous liquids. Viscosity means thick, sticky and somewhere between solid and liquid. This could mean lotion, soap, honey, etc. Like all outstanding liquid products, proper distribution is also important. You don't want to use a fine mist sprayer to dispense lotion, nor do you want to pour soap from a bottle. One of the most common ways to dispense these products is to remove them from the bottle with a pump.

  You may not think much about the lotion pump. You know what it is and what it does, but you may not consider the different parts of the pump. Let me explain. I will be from top to bottom.

  Pump parts

  Actuator-The actuator is the top where you push the pump down to dispense any viscous substance inside the container. This is what makes the pump run. Actuators usually have a locking mechanism so that the product cannot be accidentally dispensed during transportation or travel. The lotion pump can be locked in the up or down position. The actuator is usually made of very durable plastic polypropylene (PP).

  Cap-This is the part of the pump screwed onto the bottle. The closure of the lotion pump is ribbed or smooth. The ribbed cover is easier to open, because the small groove allows your lotion to cover your fingers for better grip.

  Housing-The housing is the main pump assembly used to hold the pump assembly (piston, ball, spring, etc.) in the correct position and deliver fluid to the actuator.

  Internal components-internal components are located inside the pump casing. They are composed of various components, including springs, balls, pistons and/or valve stems, which transfer the product from the container through the dip tube to the actuator.

  Immersion tube-An immersion tube is a tube that extends down into the container. The liquid flows up the pipe and out of the pump. It is important that the length of the dip tube matches the height of the bottle. If the tube is too short, you will have a product that cannot dispense with the pump. If the test tube is too long, it may not be possible to tighten the bottle. If you find a pump you like, but the height of the dip tube does not match the height of the bottle, Citadel Packaging provides dip tube cutting or dip tube replacement services. That's right. If the tube is too short, we can replace it with a suitable one.

  Pump output The output of the pump is usually measured in cubic centimeters (cc) or milliliters (mL). The output tells you how much liquid each pump dispenses. The pump has multiple output options.

  Do you have any questions about the lotion pump? Call us! Alternatively, you can order samples of our products to find the ideal pump for your application.