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How To Recycle Those Spray Bottles

Update:28 Apr
  Why buy a new spray bottle for your plants? Recycling used tires is much more environmentally friendly. There is also a spray bottle with a certain cleaning product. Easy to recycle for gardening.
  Just rinse the bottle, fill it with fresh water, spray it several times to flush out the pump mechanism, then rinse, refill it with clean water and spray it again. Now, pour the diluted product of your choice (clean water, insecticidal soap, rubbing alcohol, fungicide, herbicide, etc.) into the bottle, and then you can participate in the competition.
  One product per bottle
  Ideally, you should dedicate a separate spray bottle for each product. For example, the "insecticidal soap" bottle can only be used for insecticidal soap and cannot be used for other purposes. Of course, never fill up a bottle of herbicide with any other products: even trace amounts of herbicide can seriously damage the plants sprayed on it.
  To avoid mistakes, just write the product name on the bottle with an indelible pen. Then there will be no possibility of error!