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Daily Cleaning Details Of Small Drinking Water Pump

Update:09 Oct

Daily cleaning details of the small drinking water pump:
1. To clean the water pump, first, open the water pump casing and purge the inside of the water pump casing with an air source. The casing should have a simple shape and no obvious damage such as pad marks. The pump should not be deformed, and the appearance should be free of deformation. The place should be light, no damage, no scratches, otherwise it will be clean and free of blemishes or defects.

2. Precautions: When cleaning the water pump body, pay attention to welding and avoid the installation of the suction pump, fire-fighting pump body setting, prevent the cause, check the failure, find the troubleshooting, non-flammable suction pump, cause, use the deflection meter, measure the pump shaft Degree value deviation and key fire circle beating, such as

3. The pump inspection shaft should have no scratches, hairs, or corrosion, and the keyway should circulate along the continuous shaft. The key can be straight, and the surface can be scratched or corroded, or damaged.

4. Check the wheel, impeller corrosion, gas shortage and cavitation can not be marked. If defects, damage, and deformation are found, a new impeller must be replaced and the impeller mouth and wheel mouth ring must be inspected. The surface of the mouth ring should be intact and there should be no obvious corrosion or corrosion. Defects, otherwise entertainment may not be sufficient, the vacancy of the inspection mouth ring is compared with the standard value, and it does not meet the requirements for repair.