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8 Reasons Why You Need A Home Drinking Water Pump

Update:28 Jul
  You will save money and energy!
  Did you know that household water dispensers are super energy-efficient? The daily running cost of the water dispenser is as low as 15 pence, and it can provide 7 liters of chilled water and 15 liters of hot water per hour. This is what we like to call a bargain! If you do not use the machine, your water dispenser has adjustable power on/off settings and multiple sleep modes to ensure that you only pay for the energy you use.
  This is good for your health
  As we all know, the water filtered by the drinking fountain is good for your health. The benefits are tenfold, skin moisturizing, nutrient absorption, detoxification, digestion, and reducing the risk of cancer, because toxins such as chlorine and lead are filtered out. But don't be afraid-through multi-stage filtration, including silver-impregnated carbon blocks and complex ultraviolet filtration, the water dispenser can remove harmful substances in the water, but retain the natural essential minerals that are beneficial to you! Essentially, the water dispenser will quench your thirst and thirst with all the healthy minerals you get from bottled water, and it's cheap!
  Your immune system will thank you, trust us. The next time you reject those nasty plastic bottles of water at checkout, the environment will be the same.
  You will drink more water without knowing it
  In addition to enjoying delicious hot and cold drinks, the water dispenser also helps to promote the good habits of users to drink and enjoy more water, and to start a healthier lifestyle. Whether it's a cup of ice cold water after strenuous exercise or a cup of hot tea nestled in a winter movie, BIBO always provides delicious filtered water within seconds.
  For most people in the UK, drinking tap water is safe because it is treated with chemicals such as chlorine. However, we all know that it tastes terrible! Don't compromise. We need water to survive, so we might as well enjoy it! Household water dispenser filtration ensures that every cup of water is delicious; fresher and purer, the filter in the water dispenser removes chlorine and bacteria. These chlorine and bacteria will make the tap water taste flat, tasteless, metallic and even chemical.
  Surprisingly, purified water can also enhance the quality of your favorite beer. Think you can make a good cup of tea without filtering the water? You don't know what you missed.
  It will save you space
  Is the refrigerator full of water bottles? Can kettles and cables hinder your work surface? The water filter jug ​​is gray behind the cabinet you never open? The water dispenser works wonders for your home's feng shui; after all, our water dispenser is a kettle, filter and ice kettle, which are wrapped in a neat little machine.
  They are perfect kitchen accessories
  When you upgrade to a household water dispenser, you will not only treat yourself well, but also treat your kitchen well. Our drinking fountains are compact, cute and stylish, with 12 colors to choose from to suit your space-you will have a variety of choices!
  You will become a topic in the city
  However, although we sincerely recommend that you buy a water dispenser for your home, we feel that a note must be mentioned. The water dispenser will cause the kitchen of friends and family to be jealous, so buying a water dispenser will indeed bring a warning of jealousy!